Brett Robertson – Head Golf Professional

Golf is a very difficult game, especially without the proper instruction. I believe that no two people are built the same so therefore no two golf swings are the same. So why would you teach everyone the same golf swing?

My golf philosophy is working with a players restrictions/abilities to create the best possible swing. This may seem unconventional at times but there are plenty of players tour with swings some may consider “ugly” or “wrong” (Look at Jim Furyk and Matt Wolff). No one should be discouraged or think they cannot play this game because of physical ailments and I will work hard with you to find the best swing possible.

Please call 315-635-8800×2 if interested.

  • One Hour Lesson
  • Half-Hour Lesson
  • (3) One Hour Lessons
  • (3) Half-Hour Lessons
  • Putting Lesson (45 minutes)
  • Junior Lesson (45 minutes)
  • 9-Hole Playing Lesson
  • $115
  • $75
  • $320
  • $200
  • $90
  • $60
  • $300