NICK SERAFINO, PGA .                                                                                                                                                                         Director of Golf

Golf is a game of misses and mistakes. All golfer’s recreational and professional are only as good as their misses. Nobody has ever perfected the game, and no one ever will.

My teaching philosophy is a simple, straight-forward, fundamental approach. The golf swing is most effective by using the big muscles of the body (chest, back and legs). I focus on improving what the golf ball does. What the golf ball does is my best source of diagnosing a golf swing.

My swing model is based on swing plane. The swing plane determines where the ball goes, how much ground you hit and what part of the clubface the ball hits.

I provide a fun and relaxed learning environment. My number one goal is to get my student to shoot lower scores!

  • Individual One Hour
  • Series of (3) One Hour
  • Individual Half Hour
  • Junior Lesson (17 years & younger).
    Lesson is 45 minutes
  • $125
  • $345
  • $75
  • $50