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Timber Banks 

Course Map

Front 9


Hole 1

Looking for a straightforward opening hole to kick off your round? Look no further than this 390-yard gem from the BEAR Tees. But be careful: a tree looms large on the right side of the fairway, ready to catch any errant shots off the tee. Once you make it past that obstacle, a simple short iron approach to an unprotected green gives you an excellent chance to start your round on the right foot.

Hole 2

A well placed drive between the bunkers gives you the best opportunity to go for the green in three on this signature par 5. The green is well protected and had the severest slope on the course.


Hole 3

This dog-leg right par 4 is one of the shortest par 4’s and also one of the tightest. A tee shot placed left of center of the fairway past the corner gives you a great look at this inviting green by Nicklaus standards.

Hole 4

This hole requires a long iron or hybrid placed between the water on the left and the bunkers on the right. The green is one of the deepest on the course. Knowing the pin location is essential for selecting the proper club.


Hole 5

The #1 handicap hole requires a well placed BIG tee shot right- center of the fairway that gives you the best angle for your long iron approach. Avoid the green- side bunkers or a bogey or worse is likely.

Hole 6

A slight dog- leg left your tee shot must stay left of the trees that protect the right side of the fairway. The lone bunker steals the headlines. A mid to short iron approach must carry to the correct portion of the green, otherwise break out your short game and try to get up and down from one of the many collection areas that surround one of the largest putting surfaces on the course.


Hole 7

A par 5, 3 shot hole all the way. Measuring 584 yards from the BEAR tees, it plays longer than the yardage indicates. The second shot is key to leave yourself a short iron or wedge to this elevated green which is protected by the water hazard front and right.

Hole 8

This second par 3 on the front nine provides a challenge with club selection-because it has one of the shallowest green on the golf course. Once you have the right club, avoid the large bunker on the right and the collection area on the left. Take your 2- putt par and move on.



Hole 9

This hole has the most challenging tee shot on the golf course. A long placed drive to the right of the massive fairway bunker will leave a long iron or hybrid to a green that is another Nicklaus Design staple. Sloped from back left to front right. And don’t forget about the well placed green- side bunker it will catch an errant approach shot.

Back 9


Hole 10

A solid tee shot slightly left of center will leave a short iron approach on this shorter par 4. Accurate club selection is critical to find the relatively shallow putting surface. The fairway bunker on the left is 259 yards from the bear tee. CAUTION! Lateral water hazard right of fairway bunker and behind the green!

Hole 11

Avoid the bunkers on this beautiful three shot par 5 for a chance at par or better. The fortress green demands precision so be resolved and commit to the shot! The bunkers on the left are 260 yards from the bear tee.


Hole 12

A tee shot of 228 yards from the bear tee will safely carry the water hazard on this medium length par 4. The green falls away behind and to the right and demands a confident approach. The bunker on the right is 298 yards from the bear tee.

Hole 13

The first of the back nine’s par 3s, this gem asks only proper club selection for a solid par. Watch out when the flagstick is above the bunker!



Hole 14

This is the second par 5 that requires brains, brawn, and a deft touch. The fairway is wider than it appears from the tee. Avoid the bunker on the right and you will marvel at the challenges that remain. Place your second shot where you can use your “old reliable” for your third. You will need all its magic to safely find the elevated green.

Hole 15

A slight dog leg left your tee shot must stay left of the trees that protect the right side. A short iron approach to this long and narrow green can result in birdie. Miss the green and a difficult up and down is required to save par. 


Hole 16

The Seneca River and an early peek at Timber Banks’ coming attractions add majesty to this already beautiful par 3. The green is the largest on this nine, but the greenside bunker is as well. Choose wisely.

Hole 17

The prudent play may be a lay-up short of the cross bunkers leaving a comfortable mid-iron approach on this medium length, slight dogleg right par 4. When the wind is right a long drive will leave only a short pitch. The green is narrow with no bunkers and water to its left. The first bunker on the right is 222 yards from the bear tee and will be carried with a 252 yard drive.


Hole 18

Long but downhill, the 18th is a classic, daunting Nicklaus par 4 finishing hole. A narrow lateral hazard runs the length of the left side emptying into a guardian pond. The bunker on the right is 270 yards from the bear tee.